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#putonahappyface: creative sharing in the era of the pandemic

Rapso is a project that makes metamorphosis and cultural growth its key theme. We started out as a literary magazine in 2014, then moved our focus more and more towards the visual arts, until, at the dawn of the pandemic, we decided to challenge ourselves by expanding our scope. Like everyone else, the experience of COVID-19 has changed programs, habits and routines that for us seemed well established.

But the concept of transformation is intrinsic to history; we first talked about evolution and it is imperative to never be afraid of it, under penalty of extinction. Rapso welcomes every change as a possibility and actively seeks new avenues to explore and develop. So, in a period of lockdown, we opened our doors to creativity and confrontation with the world of graphic design, launching a call for artists to begin the summer with a stamp of happiness on the faces of those who got involved.

The quarantine has paradoxically pushed us to look at each other more closely. And this is exactly what we wanted to emphasize with #putonahappyface: a project that connects us with one another, that allows us to express ourselves and escape from the daily anomaly.

How could we enhance the creative conversation and the mutual exchange, transcending the mere use of mediums, to let the artist's most intimate character be expressed to the fullest?

In a difficult period when smiles faded too often, we wanted to create a space in which to bring out the most irreverent, genuine or personal ones.

#PutOnAHappyface was a surprise to everyone. A simple and immediate initiative that saw the participation of hundreds of artists, illustrators and designers from all over the world. On the pretext of working on the design of a happy emoji, we selected those who more generally captured the spirit of the initiative. A spirit that has also infected the Rapso team itself, in the name of inclusiveness, spontaneity and contamination, without being afraid of possible and unexpected "de-generations".

Today, on the road back to the "normal", we want to hold on tight to the good that came from a difficult period: a collection of creative inspiration and a testimony to positivity.

If you want to get a limited edition copy of this experience and contribute to the growth of creative thinking that revolves around rapso, you can order a copy of the zine on our website. It is a booklet printed in A5 format on Fedrigoni X-Per 140 gr paper, by the Fina Estampa laboratories in Bologna.

We’ve also tried to make this experience "wearable": in our store you will find two versions of a celebratory t-shirt, this time with the shapes and colors of the emojis that we created in-house (the t-shirts are produced on Strada Maggiore by CRACKPOT Custom Lab & Shop).

Finally, with the zine you will receive a set of stickers with which you can have fun composing the cover as you wish. But the smile is contagious, so don't stop there! You can apply them anywhere, even onto your laptop: to remind you that, after all, beyond the screen in front of you there is always a sea of ​​opportunity to make the best of creative sharing.

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